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About Dr. KIK

Mater is Latin for mother and so a preferred moniker to master.  Dr. Kathleen Kimball, Ph.D., has been a Feng Shui geomancer for nearly four decades. She has a Ph.D. in World Art, M.A. in Communications, B.F.A. with Honors in Ceramics and a B.A. magna cum laude in Speech and Drama.

She is a Feng Shui consultant for health care, architecture, real estate, businesses and individuals.  Her publications include books, articles and podcasts and among the many places she has taught are the Maine College of Art and the University of New Hampshire. Kathleen is president of Water Dragon, Inc.

To the right is a photo of Kathleen in the Gobi desert near the caves of Dun Huang in the summer of 2001 after nearly four decades as a student of the I Ching and practicing Feng Shui geomancy.

If you are interested in what it means to be human, particularly through world aesthetics, creating personal space and time, or the evolution of consciousness, please read Kathleen’s Four Quarters of the Earth dissertation.

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Dr. Kathleen Kimball is a respected expert in World Art and accomplished artist.  Pleases click here to go to her World Art Website!